The LEED House

The LEED house is a basic architectural project to develop minimum sustainable housing in accordance with LEED standards, which prioritizes the amount of resources and can be developed with minimal professional advice and serve as a model of urbanization in marginalized areas.

the minimal house
It is projected on a plot of only 4 meters wide by 18 meters long with an optimized development of installation routes and energy consumption, using materials with low carbon footprint consumption.

the container house
A 12 x 2.4 house is projected onto a container on an existing site for 2 houses and 2 cars

the pop up house
It is projected in a 20m2 space with 2 levels and the idea is to build a house in the shortest time possible for possible seismic emergencies.

The idea is to develop a series of projects in minimal spaces, to achieve quality architectural projects with high sustainability standards. It is intended to achieve these 3 projects to the maximum in smaller spaces and a development of construction systems for different situations.

If you like, you can download the plans in CAD with a donation to

Casa Mínima 3D

Casa Mínima PDF

Casa Mínima CAD

Casa Mínima RENDERS

Casa Container 3D

Casa Container PDF

Casa Container CAD

Casa Container RENDERS

Casa Emergente 3D

Casa Emergente PDF

Casa Emergente CAD

Casa Emergente Renders